Located in the heart of downtown right across from city hall, Events at 110 Below has 3 private underground event spaces. From weddings, intimate gatherings, family to corporate events, we have something for every occasion.

Our talented culinary professionals are here to provide you with a dining experience as timeless and enduring as the seasons. Experience Events at 110 Below spirit of innovation and generosity with our seasonal catering menus.


Travis Boire
(925) 980-2352

110 North Nevada Ave
Downtown Colorado Springs

The History

The giant brick building on the corner of 110 North Nevada is an integral foundation of downtown Colorado Springs.

Built in 1913, the 5 story building was originally a YWCA (Young Women’s Christian Association) and is currently listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It was used as classrooms, a gymnasium, dining area, and a space for religious, social and cultural activities.

Take a look at the exterior and you'll see the work of Nicholas Van den Arend. Nicholas created the exterior tiles of the structure and was also the architect of the famous Van Briggle Pottery building.

110 Below has a lot of history and may now be a place for lost souls. Many employees swear they have seen apparitions, had the hair stand up on the back of their necks, reported unusual sounds, or seen glowing orbs.

It is said that during the Spanish flu epidemic of 1918, the Law Mortuary next door had so many bodies that they could not process them all, so some were temporarily stored where our dance floor is currently located. It was also briefly used during World War II as a hospital for the Red Cross.

During Prohibition, it is rumored that a tunnel was built below the main street to connect the basement to County Court House. This tunnel has since been closed for security reasons.

In the 1970's the building was threatened by demolition until it was purchased by the William Simpson family. In 2008, "The Underground Night Club" took over the current space as a dance club and bar.