What amenities are included?

Rental space includes tables, chairs, flatware, napkins, glassware, and staff for the event.

Where do my guests park?

Metered parking is available on the East and South sides of the building and is free after 6pm. There is also a parking garage at 127 East Kiowa Street. It is $1 after 5:00pm.

Are pets allowed?

Other than service pets, no pets are allowed in the building.

Do you offer catering?

In-house catering will supply you with all your food and drink needs. Contact us for a menu.

May I bring my own cake and decorations?

Yes, we encourage you to make this space your own. 

Is there handicap access?

Sorry, there is no handicap access.

Can I book all of the rooms?

Yes, you can book the entire property.

Is marijuana permitted on the patio?

No, marijuana smoking is not permitted anywhere on property.

Do you have time restrictions?

Yes, when you rent the space there is a 5 hour limit but you may purchase overtime. 

Is there wi-fi available?

There is wi-fi available in each room.

Is my deposit refundable?

No, deposits are non refundable.

Is there a facility fee?

Yes, contact us for the facility rental fee amount.

Is there a food and beverage minimum?

Yes, we have a minimum order amount for food and beverages.